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Welcome to Koh Tao @ Thailand
Koh Tao Today : INFO you need to know about Koh Tao
Moon Dance Magic View Bungalow
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Moon Dance Magic View Bungalow - Tanote Bay - Koh Tao - Thailand

Welcome to
Moon Dance Magic View Bungalow
Tanote Bay @ Koh Tao


The island is a solitary island in the Gulf of Thailand. Ko Pha-ngan is located 45 miles northwest. In the past, the Department of Corrections has been used as prisons, detention of political prisoners (rebel Bowon power) during the reign of the Rat. Singapore's public housing since 2490 is an island of nature and integrity of marine life. Beautiful coral reefs, both shallow and deep water. Rich variety of colorful fish, divers will have to think about. The beaches are beautiful white sand beaches to relax a variety of beaches. There are many diving schools and diving can be produced as one of the country.

Moon Dance Magic View Bungalow

Good time to travel to Koh Tao is from February to April. During the monsoon, with rain and wind is roughly from September to January. On the island there are many bungalows for tourists to stay. Getting on the island can travel through the ship. Cars and motorcycles are two routes from the jetty to the north to the beach. And to the south of Ao Luk.

Moon Dance Magic View Bungalow


Moon Dance Magic View Bungalow Koh Tao On the lesser-developed eastern side of Koh Tao lays the secluded bay of Aow Lad. Not frequented by many travelers, this area has avoided becoming quickly developed like the busier Sairee and the compact Mae Haad due to the rough roads and steeper mountain terrain. However, this has led to Aow Lad Bay being labeled as a more unknown holiday destination that few people are lucky enough to experience, or let alone see. If you are the type of traveler that is looking for a place located on the ‘road less traveled’, Moon Dance Magic View may just be the place for you.

Moon Dance Magic View Bungalow

The newly developed accommodation Moon Dance Magic View Bungalow offers a private Bungalow,is located on the hillside with the Bay of Aow Lud glistening below. Since the resort is built into the rocks with the ocean view.



Facility There is an onsite View Point restaurant that is open all day until the late evening. the Thai dishes prepared will satisfy any guest.

A romantic dinner for honeymooning couples. Imagine a candle light dinner in paradise, the warm breeze of the Golf of Thailand, soft waves lapping right against the giant boulders in front of your balcony. We would like to make your holiday – a time and a place you’ll always remember.

Moon Dance Magic View Bungalow

The outdoor activities that are available range from hikes along the mountain roads to look at the major viewing points on the island to water activities such as swimming in the bay, snorkeling around the shallow reef or diving at one of the many places on the island. Reception will be glad to assist you with organizing snorkeling tours, daily dive trips or long-tail boat rides around the island. Of course, many people are simply content to lounge around the central area of the resort and simply read, sunbathe or just relax.



Moon Dance Magic View Bungalow

Moondance Magicview offers customized boat trip around the island. Spend one day on a boat to explore the secluded beaches of Koh Tao by boat. The day trip boat will stop at the most beautiful diving spots of Koh Tao, to give you the time to swim, snorkel and explore the coastline.


Diving in Tao island

Moon Dance Magic View Bungalow

"Koh Tao" or Turtle island is located in the Gulf of Thailand 45km north of Koh Samui but in more recent times it has grown from an off the beaten path tourist destination to the largest dive training center in Southeast Asia.

Koh Tao is the smallest and remotest of the three major islands in this region that offer accommodations. While it takes most boats about three hours to get there from Samui, the new speedboat service from Bophut and Na Thon can do it in under two hours. But the most important access is that through Chumpon, from where there are both speedboat and ferry service.

Moon Dance Magic View Bungalow

The island is similar in geography to its bigger brothers to the south, Samui and Pha Ngan. Here again are many rocky headlands piled high with huge granite boulders. There are fewer beaches, though those few are particularly beautiful. Bungalow resorts can be found on every beach, and like Pha Ngan, most range from remote and primitive to basic, though there are a couple of high quality establishments here. A few sandy, rocky tracks provide access from a single boat pier in the village on the west coast.



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Moon Dance Magic View Bungalow




Moondance Magicview Bungalow is a hideaway cottage total 14 rooms is a natural behind the scenes and out on a high cliff into the ocean.


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Lang Khai Bay - Tanote Bay , Koh Tao , Suratthani 84360 Thailand.
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