Koh PhaNgan



Most travel agencies will be able to sell an all-in-one ticket from Bangkok to Koh PhaNgan which includes the bus and ferry ticket for about 650 Baht per person. The price is low because the journey takes all night and is the least comfortable way to travel. Buses depart from Bangkok at around 7pm, arriving eary morning in Suratthani in time for the first ferry to the islands. Coming back, there are numerous ferries, but for the bus you will need to depart no later than 1pm. Usually a shuttle bus will drop passengers off in Suratthani to wait until about 7pm at which time the bus will depart to Bangkok. As a more convenient option consider buying a ticket on the well-organised Goverment Bus which actually goes on the Raja Ferry and saves time and discomfort changing modes of transport - although it is more expensive and will set you back up to 1,000 Baht.

There are also several other bus routes (mostly via mini-bus) linking Suratthani with other major destinations.



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