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i Climate
Month High Low Rain
(°C) (°C) (mm)
Jan. 29.1 24.1 144.5
Feb. 29.5 25.2 33.3
Mar. 30.8 25.8 50
Apr. 32.1 26.2 85.8
May. 32.5 25.8 157.5
Jun. 32.2 25.6 92.8
Jul. 31.9 25.1 130.9
Aug. 31.8 25.2 105.5
Sep. 31.5 24.9 113.2
Oct. 31.5 24.9 265.9
Nov. 29.5 24.1 526.1
Dec. 29.0 23.9 203.0
i Telephone Nos.
Police Station
077 377 114
PhaNgan Tourist Assoc.
089 469 4719
Emergency Call
Mastercard Hotline
001 800 118 870 663
VISA Hotline
001 800 441 3485
Post Office
077 377 118
Koh PhaNgan Hospital
077 375 103
Haad Rin Inter Clinic
077 375 342
Bangkok Airways
Raja Ferry
077 371 151
Lomprayah Ferry
077 238 412
Songserm Ferry
077 377 704
Seatran Ferry
077 238 129
Haad Rin Queen Ferry
077 375 113
999 Government Bus
077 238 507
State Railway Thailand
02 220 4334
PhaNgan Tour
077 205 799
PhaNgan Animal Care
077 238 375
i Taxi Fares

Song Thaew Taxi
Thongsala - Haad Rin = 50 Baht
Thongsala - Ban Tai = 50 Baht
Thongsala - Thong Nai Pan = 100 Baht
Thongsala - Chaloklum = 100 Baht
Thongsala - Haad Yao = 100 Baht

Mini-Bus Taxi
Haad Rin - Thongsala = 80 Baht
Haad Rin - Chalokelum = 150 Baht
Haad Rin - Haad Yao = 150 Baht
Haad Rin - Thong Nai Pan = 200 Baht

Please Note: The taxi fares above are the minimum price per person - prices will change depending on season and time of day. Also, most of the time the taxis will only leave when full, so you may have to wait - if you want to leave immediately or are travelling alone the fare may be up to 500 Baht to hire the taxi.

i Cheap Eats
Thongsala is the main Thai market town so it's a great place to find some stall cooking authentic Thai food. There are plenty of "Chicken and Rice" restaurants offering all the local favourites and another popluar dish is "Som Tam" - or Papaya Salad - see how spicy you can eat it! Expect to pay no more than 30 Baht per dish.
i Snorkelling

There are many good spots to enjoy a bit of snorkelling on Koh PhaNgan. The best area is all along the west coast, especially the following beaches:
• Koh Ma
• Haad Salad
• Haad Yao
• Haad Chao Phao
• Haad Khom
Please take care of the corals and think safety.

i Marine Life

Koh PhaNgan has a divers variety of marine life that you can expect to see.
Photographs kindly provided by:
Lotus Diving »
Haad Yao Divers »
Chaloklum Diving »
The Dive Inn »
PhaNgan Divers »
Tropical Dive Club »
MTF Diving »

i Fight Night

Thongsala is the main venue for popular Thai Kick Boxing events, with no less than 3 stadiums! Expect the stadium to be full on the night, so arrive early and grab a snack at a local restaurant before sitting back to enjoy the fight.

i Party Zone

Black Moon Party
Every month on the black Moon (except on Buddhist holidays) the beach comes alive with an assortment of Techno music.
Half Moon Party
The ever popular Half Moon Party is on twice a month in the jungle off the Thong Nai Pan road.

i Full Moon Party

The notorious Full Moon Party that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year is now a global event talked about throughout the world.


Travelling about 45km to the south you will reach Koh PhaNgan, just between Koh Tao & Koh Samui and with Koh Yippon & Angthong Marine Park to its west. With 167km2 it is 2nd largest after Koh Samui in the archipelago of 40 islands. During the past it has been repeatetly visited by four of Thailand's Kings, who left Koh PhaNgan Maptheir royal signatures engraved in rocks, which are worshipped by Thais until today. Initially discovered by the bacpacker crowd, PhaNgan became famous for its worldwide acknowledged Full Moon parties, attracting thousands of visitors every month. However, if this kind of open-air techno music carnival is not your cup of tea, it shouldn't stop you from checking out all the other things the island has to offer. The size of the island makes it easy to get away from any noise and discover somebeautiful remote beaches with relaxed people and simple wooden huts. Also for the more upmarket clientel there is plenty of luxurious resorts offering all amenities in natural surroundings. Highrise is not allowed and the original beauty is widely preserved. Rain forest covers still 80% of the island and its fantastic rock formations invite to trekk & explore. Koh PhaNgan provides all sorts of exciting outdoor activities including exciting outdoor activities including exciting dive trips to the nearby Angthong National Marine Park but also caters for the spiritual/health oriented with a variety of retreats, healing & spiritual arts centres, meditation schools & spas. Cuisines from every corner of the world will treat you with their culinary delights and as mentioned before there is a very lively party scene catering for every musical taste. The island can be easily accessed from any port around, so be it just for the monthly big rave or a few quiet island days, Koh PhaNgan is well worth a visit.


Koh PhaNgan

Welcome to Koh PhaNgan... A must visit place in Suratthani Province and indeed another heaven of the gulf of Thailand. Among the three most popular islands like Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan, Koh Phangan is very well known to adventurous Thai and foreign visitors for its admiring natural treasure in the most conserved state.

Koh Phangan Island. Thailand

On this island, visitors usually are attracted to the beauty of the local waterfalls, awesome beaches and stunningly beautiful underwater scenes around the island. Agreed by most visitors, Koh Phangan offers a unique world class experience for every nature lover.

One of the most popular events that most visitors always look for is the Full Moon Party at Haad Rin, which is to be held regularly when there is a risen full moon. Breathtaking view of radiating full moon on the water can be seen on a full moon night at Haad Rin, this perhaps could be the most beautiful moon on a beach you would ever witness.

Around 1887, King Chulalongkorn the Great (King Rama V. of Thailand), visited Koh Phangan for the first time and thereafter named three waterfalls as follow: Nam Tok Thansadej, Nam Tok Thanprapaad and Nam Tok Thanprawes.

His majesty King Rama V was very impressed with Nam Tok Thansadej’s beauty and tranquility and in deed paid visits to the same fall 14 times while on the island. It is the pride to the local islanders for their history; the king’s engraved initial can still be seen on a big rock at Nam Tok Tansadej until this day.

Up until now Koh Phangan has welcomed countless visitors from all around the world. For visitors’ convenience, travel accommodations can be reserved in advance. The town official accommodates visitors with the most reliable transportation while consistently maintained safety for all visitors so everyone can have an enjoyable visit.

As the motto states: “Koh Phangan, beautiful moon clear water and white sand, precious treasure of natural beauty, rare-find coral reefs, diamond of the gulf of Thailand, is essentially a home of kindhearted residents.”

Koh Phangan is approximately 100 km away from the town of Suratthani and is located between Koh Samui (ca. 16km) and Koh Tao (ca. 40km); the total area is about 120,625 rai (168 square km); from north to south it measures ca. 46 km and ca. 34 km from east to west.

Cureently, the population of Phangan is about 12,000 (April 2005), the most important careers of which are coconut plantations, fishing and tourist businesses. Mostly its land area is of mountains, virgin forests and plains. In the middle of the island stretches the Khao Ra Mountains, the peak of which is 635 meters high. The only plain is in the west of the island. Along the seashore there are a lot of boulders and rock formations.

The average temperature of the year is at 27.2°C, the highest (35.5°C) in May and the lowest (24°C) end of December. There are 2 seasons on the island: Rainy and Summer. Rainy and Summer. Rainy Seasons starts May till January and it rains about 2 hours in the afternoon. The northeast monsoon may bring heavy rain and high winds from October until January. Summer starts from February until April, it is the most pleasant time to visit Koh Phangan Islands Generally, visitors can make a trip to the island throughout the year.

4 majesties have been visiting Koh Phangan : The Majestry, King Rama V., Chulalongkorn (1868-1910) has been 14 times between 1888 and 1909 on Koh Phangan and set up 3 signs imprinted in rocks in Thansadej. Also the Majesty, King Rama VI., Prajadibok (1925-1935) and the Majesty King Rama IX., Bhumibol Adulyadej, the currently govern and admired majesty since 1946 did come to this beautiful island.

About Koh Phangan are recordings existing that first settlement on the island has started with Muslim Sea Gypsies more than 2,000 years ago. 200 years ago, Chinese people did come to this island and started doing business in producing coconut oil for exportation and harvesting tin mines.

The tourist business started about 20 years ago with building the first bungalows on this island and it continues with growing speed. Koh Phangan now offers you everything for unforgettable holidays by meeting every budget. Welcome to the romantic Island!



Koh Phangan Island. Thailand

Driving your own car, when arrive at the town of Suratthani, take Highway 401 to Nakhon Si Thammarat and then turn left at the fork road at Tambon Baannai. This is Highway 4142 leading to Donsak District. There are road signs to guide you through to ferry jetties. For the Ferry Schedules.

Upon arriving at Suratthani train station, you can contact the service buses at the counter available at the train station to continue your trip to Koh Phangan. Such transportation as express boats, operated by Songserm Company and Seatran Company, orferries, run by Seatran Company and Raja Ferry Company are provided according to schedule.

For those who prefer travelling by direct buses run between Bangkok and Koh Phangan, there are 999 buses operated by the Transport Company available 2 trips daily, one in the morning and the other in the evening. Lomprayah provides and boat-and-bus service directly to Bangkok twice and day. In case you arrive in the town of Suratthani late in the afternoon, there are night boats to leave for Koh Phangan at 11:00pm and arrive on the island at 5:00am.

This is provided by Bangkok Airway. Once reaching samui, you can ask for a vehicle to drive you to Phra Yai or Big Buddha Pier to go on your trip to Phangan. In this case, you will arrive in Phangan in the south of the island, on Haad Rin Beach by Haad Rin Queen, operating 4 trips a day. There are also some companies direct to Thong Sala with the speedboat or the high speed Catamaran from Big Buddha Pier or Bo Phut Beach.



These are minibuses, which are available all around the island, the most of them at the pier in Thong Sala. The fare depends on the distance; normally it is 50 - 200 Baht a person. Usaully the taxi starts when full; to go immediately the fare may be up to 500 Baht per person. Also, you can hire a minibus with air-con for 800-1,500 Baht a day.

There are three types available : Jeeps, motorcycles and mountainbikes. You can ask for where you stay. The charge for a jeep is about 800 - 1,000 Baht a day and a motorcycle at 150 - 500 Baht a day, depending on the size and quality.

If you want to rent a car, it is advised that it be 4-wheeled. Koh Phangan is quite mountainous and dirt roads are still common. However, if you wish for a better road condition, you are recommended to make a trip in the west of the island, this part is mostly plain. If in the northeast and the south, the streets can be more dangerous, especially in raining season.

The traditional longtail boat takes you quickly and convenient to all snorkeling spots and leisure trips. But it is also used as regular taxi; the concrete roads were built in the past 5 to 10 years - until then there were just the dustroads, which sometimes are unpassable, especially in raining season. As there is no road in the east at all, any trip on this side of the island must be made by longtail boat. A Taxi Boat can be chartered by contacting the hotel or resort. Also you can request for the service at the beach where you stay, usually there are some boats on Haad Rin, Chaloklum and Thong Nai Pan.

To go around Koh Phangan you have some more choice of vehicles you can rent to explore this beautiful place, as there are: quad drivers, kayaks, jet skis, kite-surfing & wind-surfing, speedboats, sailing or fishing boats, some resorts also have tuktuk service. Last but not least: the elephant!

- Drive on the left side!
- Don't drink and drive!
- On bikes, wear a helmet and good clothes!
- Drive slowly & relax! You're on holiday!

Thong Sala, in the southwest of Koh Phangan, is the largest community of the island. Here is the pier where most boats from Surratthani, Don Sak, Koh Samui and Koh Tao dock. On arrival to Thong Sala you are usually welcomed by many thais to drive you to one of the bungalows. Here is also the main taxi station to go to all the places you want to visit.

Banks with ATM, telephone and fax facilities, internet access, travel and tour agents, hotels, food shops, department stores and markets are situated in the streets of Thong Sala. All in all it is the shopping center for locals and tourists as well and also a good place for dining out. The nightlife is not as much as in Haad Rin but there are many restaurats and bars and some more on the way to Baan Tai. In The center near the 7-11 is the night market where you can get real thai food. Usually around fullmoon you can watch a Muay Thai boxing fight in one of the boxing stadiums.

Also you find the municipal office, the ampoe (district officer, registration office), the police station, hospitals and the post office as well as one of the most well-know temple of this island, the Wat Ratcharoen.

These small islands are only about 400 meters from the Phangan mainland. It is easy to come there via kayak to find many kinds of shallow-water coral reefs and have a nice view to the south-west of Koh Phangan.

This beeeach stretches out about one kilometre south with a quiet and natural feel to it and, on clear days, a nice view to Koh Samui, Ang Thong and Don Sak.

Koh Phangan Island. Thailand
AO Nai Wok
In the north of Thong Sala is a cove called Ao Nai Wok. A white, sandy beach stretches about 1 km along the cove, it’s a good place to admire the beautiful setting sun.

Koh Phangan Island. Thailand
About 1.5 Kilometer north of Thong Sala is Haad Plailaem where you can walk peacefully along the fine sandy beach with alternately strangely-formed boulders. From the beach you can stand watching the clear and beautiful view of Koh Tae Nai and Koh Tae Nok. Many tourists go there late in the afternoon only to have a good look at the beautiful sunset.

Koh Phangan Island. Thailand
Not very far from Haad Plailaem is a small fisherman village, Ao Wok Tum, where long-tailed boats are build and always seen along the beach. An excellent viewpoint is the hill called "Kao Hin Kok". The Beach is the southern part of Haad Hin Kong and lined up with mangrove trees. Most of it is shallow water with a coral reef about 300 meters off the beach.

Koh Phangan Island. Thailand
The beach is only about 5 meters to the street, on high tide just a small stripe of sand and on low tide about 300 metres wide. Then you can watch the locals busily looking for a kind of shellfish called "Hoyklom". The residents here did set up a figurine of "Hoyklom"

This village actually has two centres: one near the beach, here is what fishermen use as a shelter when the strong monsoon winds are blowing. And the one more north is a growing place with fresh fruit markets, supermarkets and street side restaurants providing tasty food at great prices for tourists and residents. You also find internet shops and two bakeries.

The beach is about 700 meters long with nice shady pine trees with crystal clear, calm water and is almost all year round good for swimming, snorkeling and beach fishing.

Koh Phangan Island. Thailand Koh Phangan Island. Thailand
In the old days, the cape, in Thai "Laem", had come into being a tin mine. Now, the old tin mine hole is the island's only sweet water lake, called Talaesap seethanu, "inland sea".

Koh Phangan Island. Thailand
As the beach has 600 meters of very white, fine sand, it is considered to be the pride of Phangan, Here is a good spot for kayaking and snorkeling providing a spectacular coral reef and the atmosphere is more private and quiet.

Koh Phangan Island. Thailand
The beach of Haad Son is one of a very few on the Island which has remained Virtually undeveloped and it presents a perfect picture of an idyllic desert island cove with 300 meters of virgin white sand fringed with tall shady coconut palms.

Either side of the broad beach, huge granite formations form protective arms around the cove, cutting it off from the neighboring beaches and adding to the feeling that it is you very own private bay!

Koh Phangan Island. Thailand
This beach is also a private place and is located on the cape right between Haad Son and Haad Yao. It is like a secret place, good for secluded sunbathing and the perfect starting point for exploring the magnificent underwater world.

This beach is like stepping in a postcard. Located in the west of the island, it is one of the most beautiful and inviting beaches of Koh Phangan, Second only in Haad Rin. The "long beach" is 10 km away from Thong Sala and really suits the name, it is almost one kilometer long and that makes it perfect for beach activities like beach volleyball etc. The semicircular beach with sand like powder stretches into thick coconut trees, under which lovely bungalow offer a quiet, clean, relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Near the road, there are several supermarkets, bars and restaurants as well as on the beach you find a relaxed nightlife and beach parties. The rich coral reef is haven for marine life and the spectacular sunsets are unforgettable.

Koh Phangan Island. Thailand
These very peaceful and calm sandy beaches are located between Haad Yao and Haad Salad. They are suitable for doing shallow dives, enjoying a peaceful sunbathe and enjoy life in paradise.

Koh Phangan Island. Thailand
This is a about 800 meters white sandy secluded beach, abundant with shallow water coral reefs, which start from Haad Tien going up to Koh Ma. Very easy to explore with the kayak and one of the best swimming and snorkeling sites of the island. In former times this bay was used to be a pirates hideout and until now you can still feel the romantic atmosphere.

Koh Phangan Island. Thailand
Up in the northwest of Koh Phangan is the small island called "Koh Ma". The place is on low tide easy accessible by walking over a sandbar from the beach of Mae Haad, a beach made of soft and fine sand which stretches more than 800 meters so there is enough room for solitude. The surrounding water and coral reef is designated as a National Marine Park because of the rich sea life. This spots a local diving site, so it is easy to get there for diving, snorkeling or with a boat trip.

At this beach the building of bungalows has just begun, so it still keeps a kind of inhabited atmosphere that starts getting rare on the west side of the island.

Koh Phangan Island. Thailand
The beach of chaloklum Bay is about two and a half kilometers long, with a small fishing village in the middle. Every day the fishing boats anr coming in and bring fresh seafood. Particularly the fishermen lay the squid and fish in abundance for dry in the sun.

Koh Phangan Island. Thailand
Haad Khom is perfect for snorkeling, diving or only swimming as there is as well a coral reef present. Between Chaloklum and Haad Khom is one of he best fishing spots of Phangan.

Bottle beach is a quiet isolated beach up north with only a few bungalows. The only way to get there is a long walk trough rocks and forest or with the longtail boat from Chaloklum.

Koh Phangan Island. Thailand
This bi-semicircular cove consits of two beach : Thong Nai Pan Yai and Thong Nai Pan Noi, separated trough a small cape. They are very popular for very fine sand, the water here is very clean and you can go swimming all year round.

There is yet another waterfall, "Than Prawes". The name was granted by HM King Rama V. on 25. June 1898 and also the king's initial "Jaw.Paw.Raw.117" was engraved. Tourists can reach the fall through Thong Nai Pan Noi route. There are about five more steps the water is falling down, but some of them need some climbing to get there.

Haad Thansadej and Thansadej waterfall are at the east coast of Phangan and reachable by the Thong Nai Pan road. Once you arrive at Baan Tong Nang, turn right and go on for about 3 km, then you will come to Haad Sadej and the waterfall. The Phangan residents believe that the water at the fall is sacred, as it is the place where many kings of the last centuries as well as the present, HM King Rama IX. Used to have a stay; especially HM King Rama V. repeated his visit as many as 14 times. Haad Sadej and the nearby Haad Thong Reng are beaches made of with sand and surrounded by huge bolder. The sea is deep enough for year round swimming though the waves can be rough..

You can reach this beach in the east only by boat or using a branch dustroad passing some woods and rubber plantations for about 4 km (only for experienced drivers!). Directly on Haad Namtok is no accommodation available, it is a beach like visiting Robinson Crusoe with a waterfall coming down and flanked by steep green hills with untouched nature.

On the road to Haad Namtok is a waterfall called "Than Prapaad", named by HM King Rama on 5. August 1889. Also he had his initial "Jaw.Paw.Raw.108" engraved on a stone.

This beach is only reachable by hiring a longtail boat from Haad Rin or Thong Nai Pan. Here you find nothing more than crystal clear water and pure nature surrounded by vibrant jungle wildlife. All along the eastern coastline are huge and massive rock formations and the water is quite deep with sometimes very rough waves. The sunrise view is worth all the trouble to get to the very few bungalows.

Koh Phangan Island. Thailand
A relaxed beach in the south east of Koh Phangan with few accommodation and nothing else as coconut trees and jungle growing up the hills. On both sides are amazing rock formations and the water is steep without a coral reef. Access is only by hired longtail boat or by a mountain path for experienced walkers about eight kilometers from Haad Rin.

These are all beaches in the east without accessible roads; if you want to reach these beaches you have to hire along-tailed boat from Haad Rin or take a boat trip. For experienced walkers it is also possible using a mountain path from Haad Rin (about 5 km). It is possible to stay overnight, but there are not many residences available. These places are perfect for swimming and sunbathing, the water is indigo blue to deep green and you can get away of it all and just enjoy peace and privacy in an idyllic environment.

A very small and beautiful beach not far from Haad Rin Nok (Just 5 min with the longtail boat or walking a jungle traail).

These beaches are very close to each other. They are private, but open to those who want to stroll along. There are a lot of residences for tourists, some are built on rock formations. The beach is an ideal place to go swimming; however, the most suitable time is during November - April. The mountains are up to 400 meters high with tropical rainforest and huge boulders providing a spectacular view to Koh Samui, Thong Sala, and the Ang Thong Nation Marine Park.

This very quiet beach in the south, right when the hills start has refreshing clear sea water and is ideal for people seeking solitude but not stay too far from the action. The bay is quite broad in places and countless coconut palms populate the lowland Plaines of the area. The name Baan Kai, loosely translated means "camping village", has its origin in the year 1858 when the beach was used as a camp for gold miners. On the way to Thong Sala keep to the right for the street to the Sanora Waterfall. It is a short way driving and then walking a little bit to get to the place where usually the Black Moon Parties were celebrated.

Koh Phangan Island. Thailand
About 4 kilometers from Thong Sala is the fishing village called Baan Tai. On the opposite side of the beach, mountains of coconuts are prepared for processing. You can see how people from the village peel and dry the coconuts for export. The villages primary industry is fishing, thus there is a small marina where you can hire boat and fishing trips. The road is almost continuously built all the way to Thong Sala with a lot of shops for handmade articles, furniture, flowers and everyday needs. All the way are restaurants and street vendors and in the nighttime more restaurants and karaoke bars open.

Not far from the centre of Baan Tai is a small road to Wat Khao Haeng. From here, you can get a sight of the island's mountainous scenery. Short way ofter the marina, on the left side near the 7-11 supermarket, the road to Thong Nai Pan begins. This is also close to the area where the Half Moon Parties take place. The beach is a long stretch of white sand that runs from Baan Kai right the way up to Thong Sala. The sunset view on Koh Samui and Ang Thong Marine Park sometimes is really spectacular. The coral reef is about 200 meters away, but on low tide, swimming is not always possible. With good winds, this is the best place on Koh Phangan for water sports like kite surfing etc.

Phra Buddha Chaoluang or HM King Rama V. made his first visit to Koh Phangan on 31. August 1888. On that same day, he named the stream "Than Sadej".

One year later, on 18. July 1889, when he repeated the trip to the same stream, he had the name "Than Sadej" engraved on the nearby rock surface. This is the first stream, which is also the waterfall, having been granted the name by the king.

Thansadej waterfall is not a very huge one. It has three level, each named as "Prudaeng", "Prusamchan" and "Tong Nang". Near the stream under the fall are nine engraved royal initials of the kings.

Rattanakosin Year 107 (1888) - Thansadej Waterfall "31st August 1888, Friday 9th month the 9th waning moon night, the King anchored at the East of Koh Phangan at 5.00 a.m. and landed at the stream of the waterfall. This stream used to only be stated to have freshwater. When the king visited, he found that it was a big stream that was comfortable and could be full of fun therefore he named "Thansajej" and it was his favorite place for his own period. At 2.30 p.m. he returned to the boat and left at 3.00 p.m."

Rattanakosin Year 108 (1889)
"18th August 1889, At first he wanted to anchor at Koh Samui again but the wind was so strong that he could not. The Stream at the Sadej Bay of Koh Phangan was favored therefore he ordered to go back and anchored there. Also he ordered the inscription of the name of the stream "Thansadej" at the cliff at the place of taking a bath visited and requested Praya Chaiya to build the hut at the stream and went back to the boat and left at about 2.00 p.m.". (Log Book : King Rama V. Visit Malayu Peninsula Rattanakosin Year 107 (1887-1888))

Koh Phangan Island. Thailand
This is where the worldwide famous Full Moon Party takes place every month. The party is set for every day of full moon, when tourists from Koh Tao and Koh Samui come together at Haad Rin Nok to dance the night away until the morning. For more information and the party schedules.

Haad Rin Nok is a long, semicircular beach with very white fine sand. It is considered the most beautiful beach of Phangan Island and is therefore the most popular among tourists. All kinds of accommodation are available as hotels, bungalows, resort and guesthouses ranging all budgets from basic huts to luxury suites. But be aware that around full moon, most of the accommodation is already booked.

Haad Rin Nok is also called the Sunrise Beach with great views and big boulders to climb on for a sunbathe or meditation. The sea is most of the year good for swimming and snorkeling, but around Christmas the waves can get very dangerous. During the day, the beach is a quiet place full of sun-worshippers and people shopping and relaxing for the party. At night the place really gets alive, with a wide spectrum of dance music played in the biggest concentration of clubs and bars of the island. Haad Rin is a fast growing, cosmopolitan town with a culture and spirit second to none.

Koh Phangan Island. Thailand
This beach is connected with Haad Hinlor and Haad Bangson and is also called the Sunset Beach. Here is where a pier was built to facilitate tourists between Samui and Phangan. Tourists are very well served by the Haad Rin Queen, they offer 4 trips a day between the two islands. Many people prefer to stay on this more quiet side of Haad Rin with just a 5 min walking distance to all of the parties.

Koh Phangan Island. Thailand
Haad Seekantang, also known as Haad Leela, is located on the western tip of the Haad Rin Peninsula, about 15 minutes walk from the town centre. The beach here is famous with beautiful fine white sand as well as clear and clean water. Rows of coconut trees and mangroves are grown naturally along the beach very unique to this topical region, creating the peaceful atmosphere. The beach is said to be most suitable for swimming at any time.




Koh Phangan Island. Thailand

IN THE BEGINNING... At one end of the sunrise beach, Haad Rin Nok, lay Paradise Bungalows. Travelers would enjoy the primitice lifestyle, living in wooden huts without any mains electric and eating local foods with the family. One such friendship led to a farewell party which Sutti organized for an Australian friend in May 1989. Quite by chance it happened to fall on the night of the full moon. The evening entertainment was centered around fires on the beach with a generator-powered stereo playing rock music.

About 50 people showed up that night, dancing around the fires until down. Everyone agreed that the full moon had indeed helped to create a magical atmosphere. Sutti was inspired by the idea if this full moon celebration and planned another beach party the following month.

A good time was once again enjoyed by all and so began the legendary Full Moon Party at Paradise Bungalows, Haad Rin. Gradually over the following months, these parties became more and more popular, gaining recognition from the visiting tourists and local Thais alike.

At that time, there existed only one discotheque, Casablanca. Pretty soon, even they would close on the night of the full moon to join the festivities on the beach at Paradise. Since that time, over a decade has passed, during which Haad Rin has grown, developed and expanded rapidly. So too have the Full Moon Parties, evolving to the present world-famous status, attracting up to 10,000 people each month.

The party itself now extends the whole length of the beach in order to accommodate the growing numbers of party-people. Paradise Bungalows continues to thrive and plays host to many international DJs, who provide a professional standard, mixing the latest dance music and helping provide an enjoyable time for all.

This white sand beach is known as one of the most beautiful places of the island. There are two popular beaches: Haad Rin Nai beach (western coast) and Haad Rin Nok beach (eastern coast). The pier on Haad Rin Nai beach serves boats from the north coast of Koh Samui. If you come over from Koh Samui for the party, take one of the daily ferries from Big Buddha Pier of Bo Phut Pier on Koh Samui or hop on one of the frequent speedboats. Haad Rin Nok beach is famous for its monthly full moon parties, featuring all-night beach dancing and several establishments blast techno, house, drum 'n' bass, reggae and R&B. This is the place to see the fullmoon in the most beautiful view and meet friends and ravers from all around the globe to party all night long.



Safety : Be watchful of you personal belongings and personal safety. Don't. keep valuables in your bungalow, it is a big night for break-ins. Keep in mind that is one night you can expect people who never otherwise take drugs or drink to much. There are also more than 200 local security helpers for taking care of your health and safety.

Accommodation : If you arrive on party day or even the day before, especially on fullmoon, you can forget about finding a vacant room or bungalow on Haad Rin Beach. Many ravers travel to Koh Phangan four or five days in advance to nail down a room and get prepared.

Taking the Boat : The most of the partygoers come with the boat over from Koh Samui during the afternoon, have party all night and take the boat back next morning. If you are just a night tipper, all you need is a change of clothes, swimsuit, sarong (for sitting or sleeping on the beach) and sure some money.

Drugs : This police often set up inspection points on the road between Thong Sala and Haad Rin on days leading up to the full moon party. Every vehicle, including motorcycles, is stopped and the passengers searched thoroughly. Also there is some Bangkok police and more plainclothes cops who get a bonus for catching drug users The Thai law hands out harsh penalties for drug users and no one should think to just pay some money to get out of the problems again!

And most important : Please enjoy and take care of yourself and respect the people and the beautiful nature here.

In the past we've been known for the parties and still there is no other place that can rock it like Koh Phangan. The days leading up to FM party are still the best with everybody moving in for the big night. You get a chance to reconnect with people you've seen while traveling or meet new people just hanging out. But if that's your plan, make sure you reserve your room ahead of time as the island books up and accommodations are scarce.

In our last issue we told our readers not to let taxi drivers ruin your trip by stressing you out over an extra 40 Baht. I had a lot of people come up to me and tell me how sound that advice really is. It's not that you let anyone take advantage but at the same time don't get knocked off your game just for a buck! Most taxi drivers run by the supply and demand principle anyway. Which means that if it's 2am and you're all by yourself wanting to get across the island, chances are the price is going to raise.

There are a few new places that must be checked out and highlighted. Nic's Tapas in Haad Rin behind Warm-up Bar has one of the coolest venues I've seen in a long time. The owners are long time residents and know what's happening. Also check out Kimera food & wine restaurant with its Mediterranean cuisine and cool atmosphere.

Sushi Bar is back to claim it's a-list status as one of Haad Rin's most friendly and happening places. The staff treats you like family and their fat-ass furniture makes it comfortable while you listen to the music and feel the positive vibes.

Thanks again for all your support and have a good time in the island.

A hundred years ago, Koh Phangan was not just some unknown island. On the contrary, every Siamese at that time knew that Koh Phangan was one of the most favorite places of their King, King Chulalongkorn or Rama V. on his way to visit Europe and the Malay Peninsula he had come to visit Thansadej or "The Royal Stream" as he named it visiting a total of fourteen times between 1888 and 1909.

However, the history of Koh Phangan did not start from those days. The Bronze Drum of the Dongson Culture (500 BC-100 BC) that was found in Koh Samui in 1977 and is evidence that there were settlements of people on Koh Samui & Koh Phangan more than 2000 years ago. Some historians and archeologists believe that the first group who migrated to Koh Phangan were the Muslim S Sea Gypsies (Pigmy, Semung & Proto Malaay) who traveled by boat from the Malay Peninsula.

The name of Koh Phangan came from the word "Ngan" (meaning sand bar) for there are sand bars offshore around the island. These sand bars can be seen at low-tide and they protect the island from the strong monsoon.

The next occupation of Phangan was by the Chinese migrants from Hainan about 200 hundred years ago. The first group earned their living by fishing and later from the tin mines. In the reign of King Chulalongkorn, a royal officer reported that 300 families lived on Koh Phangan and most of them were Thai & Chinese.

Koh Phangan was under Chaiya administration until 1897 when it became a sub-district of Koh Samui for 63 of its own sub-districts.

The big change on Koh Phangan started after the first bungalows were built to welcome foeign tourist travelers about 20 years ago. The islanders changed their ways of life to grow with the tourist industry.

Thai culture is deeply rooted in traditions and religion; the vast majority of Thais are Buddhists. The traditional Thai greeting is a 'wai' (like putting your hands together and lowering your head).

The basis of Thai culture lies in the family; the young are taught to respect parents, elders, teachers and Buddhist monks. All Thais love their King and find any words or actions against the King or religion offensive.

When speaking about traditional Thai culture the Wat cannot be left unmentioned. After Buddhism spread to Thailand the Wat became the center of the village. This can be seen in Koh Phangan, where numerous ceremonies, attended rites and festivals are held regularly at temples such as Wat Po in Baan Tai and wat Ratjalearn in Thong Sala.
- Do not touch a Thai person on the head (the head is considered to be very sacred).
- Do not point your feet at anyone or anything.
- Do not step over anyone, instead walk around them.
- When entering a Thai house/shop/restaurant make sure you take off your shoes.
- One will not see Thai Couples hugging, embracing or kissing; explicit affection is considered disrespectful.

Wat Pho - herbal sauna
You can relax and enjoy the many benefits of a traditional herbal steam sauna at Wat Pho. Lemongrass is added to a boiler, which is heated by a log wood fire to create the herbal steam that is fed into the sauna.

If you have been partying too hard or just feel like doing something good for yourself then come on up to this place. Herbal sauna has many health benefits not limited to reducing high cholesterol levels to the treatment of skins diseases such as eczema.

Thai Boxing / fitness center
At Jungle Gym's two locations (Haad Rin & Thong Sala) you can lift weights and learn the art of Thai boxing or Brazilian jujitsu. Yoga and belly dancing workshops are also available at this full service fitness center.

MTF Diving Swimming Pool Party
MTF Diving School and Weangthai Resort located in Baan Tai sponsor the best swimming pool party on the island just 2 days before the full moon. The party DJ's start, 12 noon till late. Enjoy the delicious beach BBQ and a variety of beach games and activities.

Wake Up! Wakeboarding
Specialists in wakeboarding with a custom designed speed boat, professional equipment and instructions. The best wakeboarding experience in the Gulf of Thailand, beginner/advanced. Also available for private charter.

Orion Cruises
Orion Cruises offers cruises around the island, to Angthong Marine Park, and also to Koh Tao. Full equipped with snorkeling equipment, bar, toilet and buffet lunch on board. This is the most comfortable and luxurious way to experience the island and beyond. Also available for private rent.

The Chinese Temple
Located on the road heading north from Thong Sala to Chaloklum stands the Chinese temple. This temple was created because of a dream of one woman. 15 years ago Ms Malawan came to the Sangthom temple on Koh Phangan from Bangkok. The purpose of her visit was to partake in the ceremony of presenting the robes to the priests. The story goes; while Ms Malawan was dreaming Buddha spoke to her and asked her to build a firelight for the people. When she awoke she began planning and working on the temple. Today the temple is considered a place of luck.

Elephant Trekking
Just outside of Baan Chaloklum on the north side of the island you can enjoy 30 - 90 minutes of elephant trekking in the mountainous jungles of Koh Phangan.

Domsila Viewpoint
The viewpoint is located on the trail to Phaeng Waterfall to Domsila. The trail begins at Phaeng Noi waterfall and continues along the small streams of water. One of the most beautiful areas is Tan Gluai, where there are tons of orchids and where other jungle wildlife is plentiful. This combination of exotic plants and a spectacular view make it worth the trip. Once at the top you will be able to see views of the island and for the more romantic types a wonderful sunset. Although staying for the sunset also means walking the jungle in the dark, so bring a flashlight (torch). The trail is about 1.5 km and takes about 1 hour to walk.

Thai Cooking Lessons
How many of us when we get home crave delicious Thai food. Why not try your hand at learning Thai cooking. Same-Same have a Thai Cooking School, which is certified by the ministry of Education Thailand. They offer courses for 1,3 or 5 days with an English Speaking Chef.

Jewelry Making and Design Class
Learn how to create your very own, one of a kind silver jewelry at the "Workshop Silver" located in Thong Sala. Study the techniques of traditional jewelry making right here on Koh Phangan. The "Workshop Silver" provides an excellent easy learning environment where anyone can discover their creative side. This is a hands on class and the students' creations are theirs to take home. No experience necessary. 1, 2 & 3 day courses start at 1,500 Baht.

Haad Son Beach & Ao Chao Phao
From the main port town of Thong Sala, about a 10 minute drive along the west coast of Koh Phangan just past Laem Son Lake you will arrive at two wonderful beaches Haad Son and Ao Chao Phao.

Haad Son Beach is a smaller more contained area that is ideal for snorkeling. The coral reef that stretches along the beach sustains an abundance of corals and marine fife. The low-key atmosphere is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the clear blue-green water.

Accommodation: If you are in Haad Son, visit the haad Son Resort. One of the longest running resorts in the area that offers a full range of services, from simple fan rooms on the beach to Deluxe Rooms with a private pool. The casual atmosphere has made Haad Son Resort a superb choice for family holidays. Excellent food and stunning sunsets will make you want to stay forever. Haad Son has recently added a back up generator to ensure an uninterrupted power supply.

Ao Chao Phao is another great beach along the west coast. Just a minute's drive from Laem Son Lake is Chao Phao beach with its small comes and bays that are great for exploring and swimming. Accommodation can be found at the newly constructed Sunset Cove Boutique Resort.

Haad Leela (Haad Sarikantang)
Travelers seeking a beach that offers a little bit of everything will be truly satisfied when they discover this coconut lined stretch of white sandy beach. A relaxed atmosphere and a great social scene await you. Only a 10 minute walk from Haad Rin.

When the tides are high in Dec to Mar Chaloklum provides good swimming in many parts of its two and a half km beach. Beautiful stretches of beach can be found on either side of Ao Chaloklum.

Thong Nai Pan
Only accessible by a jungle road or by boat, a double crescent bay with a gently sloping beach surrounded by swaying palms. Adults will find great nightlife at Game Bar, Dive Bar and Flip Flop Bar.

Welcome to Thong Nai Pan Noi & Thong Nai Pan Yai, easily two of Phangan's most beautiful beaches. This northern paradise boasts two breath taking white sandy beaches surrounded by mountains covered with lush green forests. Thong Nai Pan Noi has the more spacious and remote setting with a very laid back atmosphere situated in a lovely bay. Its deep waters ensures long days of swimming, kayaking or just floating on an air mattress.

The Panviman Resort : Situated upon a steep cliff side overlooking the Thong Nai Pan beach is the place for sophisticated travelers craving tranquility and natural beauty. Choose from 75 comfortable air-conditioned standard cottages, deluxe cottage and family cottages all stylishly furnished and fully equipped with all the modern amenities. Guests can relax by the pool or spoil themselves in the Viman Spa.

If you are going to Thong Nai Pan, get up to see the Pool Deck Bar at Panviman Resort. Panviman's pool bar is great for a night out or a way to spend a relaxing afternoon with someone special. Happy Hour: 5.00-7.00pm, 20% off on all drinks. The Duo Band from the Philippines performs daily at the Pool Deck Bar at 9.30pm.

Panviman's Stone Beach Restaurant presents a special BBQ Buffet Dinner every Tuesday and Friday night. A great variety of Seafood, Beef, Chicken and Pork and soon.

The newly opened Santhiya Resort and Spa has its own private beach just north of Thong Nai Pan Noi. Spectacular panoramic views, a peaceful sense of privacy and modern Thai Teak Houses.

Baan Panburi Resort : has prided itself on being one of Koh Phangan's best natural resorts. Located just a short walk from its private white sandy beach, guests will be surrounded by wonderful gardens & peaceful huts set in a relaxed atmosphere.

Dreamland Resort : Offers a variety of nice clean rooms on a quiet stretch of beach. There is a nice restaurant located on the beach. There are also kayaks for rent on the beach.

Central Cottage : Choose from fan rooms or air-conditioned rooms. This centrally located resort offers a full restaurant, Internet service, and water sports rentals.

Bottle Beach
Only accessible by boat or trekking through the jungle trail this fine white sandy beach is perfect for people who want to get away from it all. Enclosed by granite rocks making it great for swimming and snorkeling, a beach popular by families with small children. Just be wary of the weather, as the boats can only travel in good weather.

Baan Tai
This beach offers great views of the sunset over the long stretches of white sands running from Thong Sala down to Baan Khai.

Mae Haad & Koh Ma
Mae Haad Beach and the tiny island Koh Ma is located on the northwest tip of Koh Phangan. In low tide a sand bar connects them both. The months between December and March and the best times to visit as the rest of the year the tides are too low for swimming. Mae Haad provides a long stretch of beach with views of sunsets over Koh Ma.

Haad Rin
Located at the SE point of the island you find two beaches, haad Rin sunset and Haad Rin Sunrise. Both these beaches are beautiful with fine white sand, crystal clear waters and a jungle crystal clear waters and a jungle backdrop. Haad Rin sunset is the quieter beach with shallow corals with Haad Rin sunrise being the more beautiful with many restaurants and bars.

Haad Salad
A beautiful and secluded beach known by the Thais as an old place for pirates who came here to hide out until their ships were full of booty until moving off to trade. In the high tidal season of Nov to Apr Haad Salad provides good swimming and a reef of 150 meters just offshore.

Haad Yao
Said to be one if the prettiest beaches on Koh Phangan with stretches of white sand and a good drop off for swimming. Both ends of the beach have good corals off the rocks. If you are looking for a postcard view this is the beach for you.

Haad Son
This very laid back beach attracts many families as the beach is perfect for young children. Even during the low season the beaches are still excellent for swimming.

Than Sadej
Here the famous Than Sadej River meanders down the mountainside though the dense jungle and exits into the sea. White sand and crystal clear blue water make this a perfect place to relax far from the crowd. The neighboring smaller beach of Thong Reng boasts clear waters and a unique restic feel of the old Koh Phangan

Haad Yuan
A secluded beach, accessible only by boat or by trekking through the jungles. Swimming here is possible for most of the year. With its white sandy beach an ideal place for families.

Motorbike Injuries
Drinking & Driving, lack of experience and crappy roads are the potion for many injuries on Koh Phangan. Just check out the boys and girls in bandages and you will see what we mean! BE CSREFUL Motorbikes are the number one cause of injury to visiting tourists! The roads to and from Haad Rin and Thong Nai Pan are very dangerous. If the roads are going to be attempted then we suggest wearing a helmet, Homer!

Going overboard on "the Buckets"
Drinking is a blast and these "Buckets" can be insane fun with your mates. Thai Whisky is strong and unforgiving! Drink too much and you will be dancing and acting like a SPAZ making you an easy target for criminal elements prowling the party. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

Drugs are No Fun at the Full Moon Party
Come on Guys, the Full Moon Party is now world famous for illegal substance abuse and this might be seem a great reason to get in on the act and participate. WRONG! Thai low hands out harsh penalties for those caught participating in this cycle. The incumbent government also believes that foreigners are (1) providing a market and (2) creating a bad example for Thai youth across the country! There are dozens of plainclothes cops at the party and they get a bonus for catching drug users.

Fighting and Disrespecting Locals
This is a sure way to get yourself beaten up or have a bottle smashed over your head no matter how tasty you are. Be cool, smile and walk away from any potential conflict. You will enjoy your holiday so much more!

Motorbike prices
Prices can vary but generally prices are 150 Baht for motorbike, 200 Baht for the bigger/enduros 125cc, and about 400 Baht+ for 250cc. Just a reminder, damged motorbikes will eat into your travel budget.

Jeep rentals
Jeeps are normally 700-1000 Baht. Each place normally asks for your passport or quite a substantial deposit. As with anything you rent make sure you check out the vehicle so that is in proper condition.

Taxi prices
Prices vary depending on how many people and what time of day or night it is. A short trip starts at 30 Baht. For a longer trip you can end up paying as much as you did for your flight ticket to get here. In Thong Sala you'll find the taxi stand at the round about, just off the pier. In Haad Rin it's located between Phangan Bay shore and the lake.

Taking Care of Your Valuables
Don't take your valuables (i.e. money, cameras, passports) to the beach on a party night and be very careful during the day. On party nights you are sure to get drunk or if not, carried away within the euphoria. It only takes a split second lapse in concentration and an opportunist will be away and hidden in the crowd with your belongings and your night, possibly your vacation will be ruined!

Help Us Keep our Beaches Clean
All of us on Koh Phangan are very concerned about keeping our environment and beaches clean. Be part of the solution and not part of the cause! Put your trash in a bin and look out for free fag containers for your cigarette butts. Volunteers to assist the Green Cross are welcome.

Wear Shoes
On full moon party night it would be a wise decision to wear shoes to protect yourself from (1) burning cigarette butts and (2) broken glass. At a previous party I had the unfortunate opportunity to come across a really hot babe, feet pierced like a voodoo doll because she stepped onto some broken glass. At other parties I have come across many rangers whose night has been spoilt due to burning cigarette butts.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases
What am I, your Mama? You know the deal, act responsibly.

What is it? => A FIRST RESPONSE TEAM. With they're now famous "SAFETY STOP & SLEEP ZONE"

Who can sleep at the safety stop? => Just about anyone who is in need of First Aid, tired, sleepy or just in need of a little rest during the FM Party.

Where is it located? => Location #1 - Directly in Front of Phangan Bay Shore Resort. Center of Full Moon Beach (Haad Rin). Location #2 - In front of Pardise bungalows at the end of the beach.

Why was it started? => To help all visitors to Haad Rin especially during the Full Moon Party.

What do they do? => Assist anyone in need of basic first aid or help in getting to an emergency care unit. Acting as the first response for people who need to see a Doctor or go to the hospital. While also providing the "SLEEP ZONE" for party goers that need a little R&R on FM night in a safe area.

What does it cost? => At the moment it is FREE thanks to donations from travelers and local businesses. The First Response Team is made up of volunteers (which by the way are also needed) and the generous donations of people who want to support a safe party.

So you have been in Thailand a while and your visa has finished but you want to stay longer, what's your options? Depending on what kind of visa you have, you might be able to extend it at an immigration office. The nearest immigration office to Koh Phangan is at Nathon on Koh Samui. It is always a good idea to phone the Immigration office and check opening times as it may be closed for public holidays and only opens until 12pm. On Saturdays and is closed on Sundays.

Those of you who have already used your extension, but wish to stay even longer, need to do a visa run to one of Thailand's neighboring countries. Likewise if you received a 30-day visa upon entry you will need to leave the country to gain another 30 days visa. There are a number of different options, with the quickest one for Koh Phangan being Myanmar via Ranong on Thailand's west coast. Ask at your resort for information or see local travel agents for visa trips such as X-Net or Backpackers Information Centre.

Myanmar (Burma)
Trips usually leave with the night boat from Thong Sala arriving back in Koh Phangan the next evening. Alternatively you can go by yourself and take a boat to Surat Thani and then a minibus to Ranong. With this option you will have to stay the night in Ranong or Surat Thani and return to Koh Phangan the next morning, make sure you check boat times if you plan to go alone.

Penang, the small island off the west coast of Malaysia has a Thai embassy for those of you who would like to apply for a tourist visa. Have a look on Internet for tourist visa options. You can go by bus or train from Surat Thani, the trip down will take around 12 hours. You can book the trip through a travel agent.

If you feel like going on a little longer trip when your visa is up, Vientiane in Laos is a pleasant destination. You can go by bus, train or fly from Bangkok.

The Arayana Phratet - Poipet border to Cambodia is only a few hours by bus from Bangkok. Many travel agents in Bangkok arrange 1-day visa runs from Bangkok to Cambodia. These trips leave in the morning and return to Bangkok in the evening.



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