Koh PhaNgan


Places To Visit

Khao Ra (Central)
Khao Ra is the highest mountain peak on Koh PhaNgan at about 630m above sea level offering the most spectacular viewpoint on the island. There is a long trail leading up from the village of Ban Madua Wan and passing Phaeng Waterfall. The trail can be steep and diffult to follow in places, so it is advised that travellers should take advantage of the guide service available at the start of the trek. The service costs about 500 Baht per trip.

Wat Khao Tam (South West)
Wat Khao Tam is a great viewpoint in Ban Tai, easily accessible on a moped; as are many of the sunset bars on the Nai Wok hillside. Haad Rin has viewpoints at either side of Haad Rin Nok and on the road out of Haad Rin. But in fact there are viewpoints pretty much anywhere on the island, just stpo for a minute to appreciate it.



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