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Guide To South West
South West Koh PhaNgan

The coastline takes on two different personas either side of Koh Tae Nok and Koh Tae Nai, the islands in front of Thongsala. Up the coast, starting at the northern end of Ao Nai Wok, there are steep hills and rounded volcanic boulders around the south-west's only mountain, Khao Hin Nok. The coast is broken up by rocky outcrops and the odd cluster of mangroves, with small coves and idyllic views over Ang Thong Marine Park.

South of Thongsala, the coastline is a lot straighter with an unbroken stretch of sand all the way up to the start of the Haad Rin hills. The surrounding flat land has all been used for coconut farming and long stretches of beach allow for a decent amount of space between the resorts, many offering high standards of accommodation.



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