Koh PhaNgan


Guide To South West

The south west of Koh Phangan is the island's biggest lowland area and was the earliest settled with the first main town in Wok Tum, not far from Thongsala where it is now. The inland areas are a melting point of rivers and streams that spring from the surrounding mountains and the fertile plains are home to many small villages.

Thongsala became the island's capital around a hundred years ago and serves as Koh PhaNgan's main communication, services and transport centre. It has the islands main banking services, an excellent variety of cosmopolitan restaurants and some good bars. The shopping in Thongsala tends to be better value than neighbouring islands, where most shops have low fixed prices and there are also some good boutiques with interesting and unique clothes and crafts. Internet and telephone services are cheap, the main Post Office and Police Station are here and Thongsala has no less than three markets and five ATM machines. The road network of the island meets in Thongsala, thust it provides easy access to virtually any point on Koh PhaNgan, by land or sea. It is the main taxi pick-up point and it has numerous guesthouses and two hotels, useful for overnight stays to meet travel connections.



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