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Guide To South West

Wok Tum
Ao Wok Tum is the southern section of the wide bay that joins with Ao Hin Kong. Most of the bay is undeveloped as the coral reef lies about 300 metres off the beach. Mangrove trees line the beaches and give the place a real untouched feel, great for catching a sunset in solitude. A sign warns not to take seashells and corals from the bay, respect this as it is a haven for nature and it is illegal to take them home.

Ao Plaay Laem
Ao Plaay Laem is a the base of Khao Hin Nok, a granite mountain that dominates and transforms the landscape, making it a fairy tale of rounded boulders and hillside views over Ang Thong Marine Park. The bay is fairly shallow preceding the reef that lies about 80 metres away. Over the reef there are corals and marine life for snorkelling enthusiasts and a few resorts hire kayaks so you can paddle around the huge boulders in the sea.

Ao Nai Wok
Ao Nai Wok is the long bay that extends north from Thongsala after the main pier. At the top end, walking distance from town yet far enough away never to notice it, a number of resorts populate the beach and rocks start to break up the coastline, There is a reef about 80 metres out where the sea shelf drops allowing for some reasonable snorkelling conditions. Kayaks are also available for hire at a few resorts.

Ao Bang Charu
Ao Bang Charu is a peaceful beach with sunset views over Koh Samui; well away from the main road and big enough to really get away from it all. There are several well established resorts, some offering high standards of accommodation whilst others are great value.

Ban Tai
Ao Ban Tai is the middle section of the long senset beach the runs the length of the south-east coast. There is a small marina in the centre of Ban Tai where you can commission boat and fishing trips. Either side of the marina the wide white sand beach grandually slopes to meet the coral reef about 200 metres away.

Ban Khai
The beach of Ban Khai bay is quite broad in places and countless coconut palms populate the lowland plains of the area. There is plenty of room on the beach if you're seeking solitude and a few beach bars dotted along the coastline.



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