Koh PhaNgan


Guide To South East

The south east of Koh PhaNgan is dominated by mountains that occupy virtually the whole region. Apart from the lowlands on the middle of the peninsula, the rest of the landscape is formed in rugged granite, with steep hills leading up to lush peaks covered in tropical rainforest. The beaches are varied with inaccessible getaways found on the east coast, the long winding beaches of Ao Hin Lor and Haad Leela; and Haad Rin, the party capital and most densely populated place on Koh PhaNgan.

Heading west, the landscape softens and coral starts to appear, the beache are long unbroken white sand, populated with well spaced resorts. Thus Haad Leela and Ao Hin Lor are popular places for folk who want to get away from the hubbub of Haad Rin whist still being near everything.

There main attraction to the area is the party town of Haad Rin, though if you head west or north, there are some great secluded beaches where you can immerse yourself in tropical paradise.



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