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Guide To North West

Ban sri Thanu, the local village and small fishing port is a quaint and interesting place with quite a lot going on. There are several bars and great value Thai restaurants, as well as a market and food area that is located at the main crossroads.

Haad Chao Phao is only a few minutes walk from Ban Sri Thanu where there are several cool beach bars, a pub and a few good places to eat; there is also Laem Son Lake, a freshwater pine shaded paradise. The coastline changes at Laem Sri Thanu, where the sea gets deeper and a vibrant coral reef thrives, thus anywhere along this coastline there is an amazing underwater world just metres away.

South of Laem Sri Thanu the sea is shallower thus there are fewer resorts, but that adds to the draw of the wide open space giving a feeling of seclusion and tranquility; thus the Hin Kong to Sri Thanu area is very popular for long term house retal.



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