Koh PhaNgan


Guide To North West

The north west coast of Koh PhaNgan plays host to the island's most divers and interesting stretch of coral reef. There are more corals here than anywhere else on the island due to the westerly facing beach aspects and other conditions that make it so suitable for diving and snorkelling. From Haad Chao Phao to Koh Ma, there are dive sites at every beach and virtually all of them can be swam to, making it possible for every level of underwater enthusiast to enjoy the amazing marine life. At the point where Ao Wok Tum meets Laem Sri Thanu, the coral reef starts nearer the beach and the wide sand flaat that dominate the coast further south become smaller; thus the swimming conditions improve dramatically and the coral rich area becomes a haven for marine life. The coastline also starts to break up, forming more coves and bays that islolate each beach and enhance the beauty of the landscape.

The outstanding natural beauty of the area has drawn visitors since the first bungalow operations started twenty or so years ago, thus there are many well-established family run resorts that have set the high quality of accommodation that exists in the region; a lot have swimming pools, air con rooms and even wine lists.



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