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Guide To North West

Ao Hin Kong
Ao Hin Kong is a long bay that is mostly undeveloped, the coral reef lies about 300 metres off the beach and Mangrove trees line the coast giving the place an untouched feel, great for catching a sunset in solitude. A sigh warns not to take seashells and corals from the bay, respect this as it is a haven for nature and it is illegal to take them home.

Ao Srithanu
Laem Sri Thanu is a peninsula lying between Hin Kong and Ao Sri Thanu. It extends way out from the coast and the small beaches that populate its coastline are close to the coral reef. It's also a good spot for beach fishing. On the northern end of Sri Thanu Bay the beach is split by a river estuary and has to be reached by footbridge, the sand is plentiful and the beach wide.

Haad Chao Phao
Haad Chao Phao has beautiful sunset views and softly curved bay that is the image of paradise. The sand is white and fine and the sea self is steeper before the reef, thus it is possible to swim whatever the tidal conditions. The reef is about 100 metres from the beach and once crossed the rich coral and vibrant sea life are an attraction for divers and snorkellers.

Haad Son
Haad Son is a secluded tropical getaway that has some good quality resorts at its northern end. It is a small scenic palm fringed cove with a wide stretch of white sand.

Haad Yao
Haad Yao or "Long Beach" is picture postcard material, with a 1km beach that is wide enough to play football on with sunset views, coral reef, beautiful vistas and more than enough space to allow for its ever expanding popularity; many consider it the "perfect" beach.

Haad Thian (west)
Haad Thian is a small secluded beach with only one resort. Here the sand is courser mixed with coral deposits. It is fairly close to the reef, but is shallow before it thus swimming conditions are best in high tidal season unless you venture over the reef.

Haad Gruad
Haad Gruad is a small picturesque beach with course sand and coral deposits. It is too shallow to swim most of the time before the mearby reef, but drops off fairly steeply after; there is one boutique resort.

Haad Salad
Haad Salad is a beautiful and peaceful beach; good for swimming in high tidal seasons with a reef about 150 metres offshore that is a well-known dive site.

Haad Mae Haad
Mae Haad has recently gone through a lot of changes, it has greatly improved road connections and there is a village building up behind it. There are quite a few resorts, but as the beach is fairly long, there's still enough room for solitude. It has sunset views over Koh Ma and the waters and coral reef that surround it are disignated as a Marine Park as they are so rich in sea life, with turtles and small reef sharks. The beach has a sand bar that you can walk across to reach Koh Ma.

Haad Thong Lang
Haad Thong Lang or "Golden Deserted Beach" is exactly that. At present there are still no permanent settlers there, although recently a couple of huts have gone up but are rarely inhabited. It has a shallow coral bay with a reef that creates a beautiful lagoon in high tide.

Ao Chaloklum
The beach on Ao Chaloklum is about 2 1/2km long, with the village of Chaloklum right in the centre. As it is still primarily a fishing village you can find the local fishermens wonderfully handcrafted longtail boats with truck engines mounted on the back; a great view to take in while eating in the local restaurants. At either side of the village there are some nice wide stretches of palm fringed beach.

Haad Khom
Haad Khom is a pretty little beach on the east side of Chaloklum Bay, known for its laid back vibes and is popular with longtermers looking to get away from the hoards. It is a popular spot for snorkelling due to the extensive living coral reef.



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