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Guide To North East
Thong Nai Pan

Thong Nai Pan (TNP) has been a major on the travelling circuit for many years with an amazingly beautiful landscape, great vibe and unique islander hospitality that can only come from this part of Koh PhaNgan. It really is laid back but still has plenty going on; with a selection of two beaches, countless beach bars and restaurants and loads to do locally. The mountainous terrain provides some excellent hikes and walks, with a scenic waterfall trail starting from TNP Noi that runs for about 2kms and there is endless tropical rainforest to explore. Offshore there is everything on offer from scuba diving to fishing trips and loads more if you have the energy.

TNP Noi is the busier of the two with the most nightlife but TNP Yai has a small village and more space between the rooms. Both have internet and offer a variety of rooms, from A/C suites to island style huts. No matter which you choose, they are within walking distance of each other and are both equally as rewarding.



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