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Guide To North East

The wild and untamed east coast of Koh PhaNgan is the most mountainous region on the island. Steep volcanic hills run down to sheer cliffs that dominate the rugged coastline. Only a few beaches occupy this region and all that do are formed into idyllic deep coves that are the embodiment of tropical paradise. Thong Nai Pan Yai and Thong Nai Pan Noi are two of the island's most most vibrant scene on the north east coast with plenty of bars and the biggest village in the region. Haad Sadet and Haad Thong Reng are very similar to the Thong Nai Pans, but on a smaller and quieter scale. The river that splits these two beaches forms Koh PhaNgan's most dramatic waterfall, Nam Tok Thaan Sadet, a cascading year round 4km run of rock pools and rapids. It has become a favourite place for several Kings of Thailand to visit and the waters are considered sacred.

The Rocky mountainous landscape is far more rugged than the rest of the island and its uncultivated slopes are the most part orginal tropical rainforest; an untouched haven for wildlife. There are several impressive waterfalls to visit, Thaan Sadet National Park with its giant monitor lizards and a number of places for experienced rock-climbing enthusiasts. The landscape makes the region fairly inaccessible, thus there are no major services locally and the roads are mostly part baked clay and can be hazardous, especially in advers weather conditions. That said, Koh PhaNgan's road building program has extended to this district and a concrete road all the way over the mountains will be completed soon. All of the beaches can be reached by boat taxis from Chaloklum or Haad Rin.



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