Koh PhaNgan


Adventure & Activities

Koh PhaNgan is full of outdoor adventure and most of it can be done on a few Baht. Rich coral reffs run along the north-west coast of the island, supporting a vibrant place to snorkel and one of the cheapest and least-crowded places to dive in Thailand. There are fishing trips, around the island boat trips and loads of watersports on offer including kayaks, catamarans and fishing.

The island has acres of undisturbed tropical rainforest and a wild jungle interior. There are overnight mountain treks to the top of Khao Ra and coastline walks making it possible to beach hop round the whole island. There are also several Thai boxing schools, gyms and Thai boxing stadiums in both Thongsala and Haad Rin. Koh PhaNgan is great for cycling around and if you are an experienced motorcyclist it offers some fun rides. There are loads of temples to visit, spa and meditation retreats and it's also a pretty good place to do bugger all!



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