Koh PhaNgan


Public Transport

Songthaew Taxi : A songthaew is a combination of a taxi and a bus and is usually a utility vehicle or pickup that has been converted to carry people. They work much in the way that public buses do but without bus stops, fare collectors or timetables. Thus if you want to travel at normal price, the car may wait to fill up then pick up and drop off as passengers wish to embark. The most popular route between Haad Rin and Thongsala has a set price of Bt50 per person; but expect this and other prices to double after the last boat arrives.

Longtail Boat : A few years back the only way to get around Koh PhaNgan was on a longtail boat and it is still a great way to see the island. The east coast beaches of Haad Yuan, Thien, Yao (east) and Yang are best accessed from Haad Rin Pier via longtail taxi boat as is Bottle Beach from Chaloklum Pier; boat taxis are also available from Thongsala, Ban Tai and most most beaches. Costs are similar to songthaew prices.



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