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Chumphon, also named the Golden Gate to the South, is located in the bottleneck of Thailand, where the border with Myanmar (Burma) comes the closest, At the moment it is mainly known as a hub for travellers going to or coming from Koh Tao, but it has a lot more to offer than that.

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The province has one of the best preserved national parks in the South of Thailand.

Chumphon itself is a quiet little town, easy to explore, with its main source of income by fishery. This will become clear once you're leaving (or arriving) through the river that leads into the Gulf of Siam. The sight of hundreds of colourful, wooden boats of all sizes will keep you breathless (as will the fish odour). City Hotels and Guest Houses, as well as plenty of excellent restaurants, invite you, also with their very moderate prices. The main road leading to the railway station changes at dusk into a long food market, offering plenty of delicacies. If you want to meet your fellow traveller, fancy some English pub grub or like watching the footie, head for the newly opened Safety Stop Pub, next to Ocean department store. Professional travel agents provide with all kinds of transfers, accommodation and tours, so no one has to be afraid of being lost or stuck. Tourism is picking up and many exclusive resorts, located on beautiful, empty beaches and stunning offshore islands, aim at nature lovers and divers. All in all, event if you cannot extend your holiday to explore the surrounding national parks, temples & caves, it is well worth staying for one or two days to prepare yourself for the big city ahead of you. Even in that short period you will be easily able to visit quite a few interesting sites, including the shrine of the Prince of Chumphon, shaped like a ship. Mini busses, VIP busses and trains are leaving every day to every destination and several visa trip services to the Burmese border run daily or can be chartered... More


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