Tropical Dive Club - Koh PhaNgan

Tropical Dive Club : On one of the most beautiful beaches of Thailand, Tong Nai Pan Noi on the island of Koh Phangan, there is a dive club with a difference:

Tropical Dive Club - Koh PhaNgan

In the middle of Tong Nai Pan Noi beach you'll find our shop. Here you can get all the information you want. The lazy deckchairs outside make also for the perfect spot to relax after a trip...


Dive Site

Tropical Dive Club - Koh PhaNgan

You'll find some of the best dive sites in Thailand only a short boat ride away... Wall dives, shallow dives, coral reefs, the variety is endless. Only the water temperature is always the same; a very comfy 27-30 degrees centigrade :-)


Beach Life

Tropical Dive Club - Koh PhaNgan

Life's a beach, they say. Well, then this life is particularly good ...

From simple but stylish thatched huts to posh Panviman, Tong Nai Pan Noi offers a variety of places to stay.

Food, glorious food
The Thai have one national hobby (apart from an uncanny love of Karaoke, that is...):

Tropical Dive Club - Koh PhaNgan

Food !!!

On the beach, you'll find the whole spectrum of Thai food, from North to South. Although you may have to ask extra if you want the full, tear-bursting, in-your-face Thai spicy version.

Naturally, the emphasis is on sea food. But you will also find Western style dishes, fruit salads, whatever. Plus the freshest coconuts and pineapples possible. And who knows in the western world that there were so many banana varieties?

Tropical Dive Club - Koh PhaNgan

Beach-side barbeques are an experience you definitely should not miss.

Entertainment & Nightlife
Tong Nai Pan Noi thankfully has no mega-disco, no blaring video-walls in every bar, no trendy streets (it's pretty hard to walk in high heels on a beach...), no high entrance fees and mean bouncers.

but that certainly doesn't mean there's no entertainment!

Tropical Dive Club - Koh PhaNgan

The beach bar at Tong Ta Pong, at the northern end, is a perennial favorite for fresh draught beer, real cappucino & good food.

Tropical Dive Club - Koh PhaNgan

Norway Day, a rather flimsy pretext for a good party...

But most of the restaurants regularly put on special nights with music & dance, ranging from intimate to quite wild...

Tropical Dive Club - Koh PhaNgan

If you're not quite ready to go in the deep yet, you can always go snorkeling with us. But we won't promise you won't be hooked on diving afterwards!


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