Lotus Diving is Thai owned and operated by local residents of Koh Pha Ngan. Our NEW Dive Center is located on the Northern Coast in Chaloklum, about 10 minutes from Thong Sala. Our friendly and professional staff is ready to assist you in planning your next dive adventure.

PADI qualified Instructors and Divemasters. Instruction is available in Thai, English, Francaise, Espanol, Deutsch, and Hebrew.

Our fleet includes: TWO fully equipped dive boats, Sangkaew III & Sangkaew VIII and Speed Boat with GPS, marine radio, Oxygen and First Aid Kit, and experienced Captain & Crew.

Conservation & Respect
Our staff has extensive knowledge of surrounding dive sites and marine life. Conservation is a high priority and all due care and respect is given to surrounding reefs and the land itself.

Lotus Diving & Dive Resort - Koh PhaNgan

Welcome to our new dive center located in Chaloklum. Our facilities were designed to make your diving experience SAFE, fun and convenient. We can assist you with all of your diving and watersports needs in one convenient location!!!

We are Koh Phangan's premier PADI Dive Resort with TWO fully equipped dive boat, speed boat and pier, compressor, updated equipment, resort with classrooms and training pool and onsite restaurant.

Our classrooms are equipped with Air Con & DVD for your viewing pleasure. Complimentary tea and coffee are available poolside daily!

Make a smooth transition from the classroom to our onsite training pool. Check out our viewing window to take a preview of the underwater world!!

Lotus Diving & Dive Resort - Koh PhaNgan

Our experienced Captain and Crew will ensure a safe journey at sea. Our diveboats, Sangkaew III & Sangkaew VIII are fully equipped with:
• Oxygen & First Aid kit
• GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) & marine radio

We cruise at a quick and safe speed of 11 knots, allowing us to reach the divesites the fastest.

We have updated equipment for use during training and fun dives.

Lotus Diving & Dive Resort - Koh PhaNgan

Snorkel gear rental is also available. Contact any of our offices for assistance or contact us online.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can assist you with any equipment questions and with new equipment purchase.

We offer wakeboarding and waterskiing aboard our own speed boat. Experience the adventure today!!

Our reception is open daily with friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to assist you. Relax in our lounge and check out our library of dive books, magazines, and training information.

Our onsite restaurant serves delicious portions of Thai and Western food and refreshments daily. Relax in between training at our restaurant or poolside.

We provide transportation to and from your accommodation. For assistance, stop by one of our offices or contact us by phone or online.

Lotus Diving Koh PhaNgan

to the swimming pool

to the open water!!!

Courses are offered in a variety of languages including Thai, English, Francaise, Espanol, Deutsch, and Hebrew. Our Dive Resort offers a comfortable learning environment with the following:
• Air Conditioned Classrooms with DVD
• On site training pool with viewing window
• TWO Fully equipped dive boats and speed boat
• Our own compressor for guaranteed quality air fills
• Up to date equipment for training and fun dives
• Knowledgeable staff ready to assist you
• On site restaurant serving large portions of delicious Thai and Western food and beverages
• Transfer service between your accommodation and Lotus Dive Resort

Lotus Diving & Dive Resort - Koh PhaNgan

One for the kids! This one day program introduces children age 8 or 9 to the experience of breathing underwater.

Discover Scuba Diving
Go diving TODAY!! This one day program lets you experience the thrill of breathing underwater while under the direct supervision of a qualified PADI professional in pool or pool like conditions.

Upon completion, this program can be credited towards the scuba diver or open water diver course.

Lotus Diving & Dive Resort - Koh PhaNgan

Open Water Diver
This is a basic start to Scuba Diving that involves 2-3 days of training in confined water, 2 open water dives at a maximum depth of 12 meters and some theory. The certification is valid for life and allows diving up to 12 meters under the supervision of a PADI professional.

Learn the fundamentals of diving and earn a lifetime passport to dive with a buddy independently up to 18 meters.
Course takes 3-4 days to complete including knowledge development, training sessions in the pool, and 4 open water dives.

Adventure Diver
This course is taken over 1 or 2 days and involves 3 Adventure Dives. The main dives used here are Deep Dive (to 30m), Peak Performance Buoyancy, Night Dive, Multilevel Dive, Underwater Naturalist, Underwater Photography, Search and Recovery, Underwater Navigator, Dive Propulsion Vehicle, Fish ID, Drift and Boat Diver. Knowledge is learned through independent study and practical training. There are no final exams.

Lotus Diving & Dive Resort - Koh PhaNgan

Advanced Open Water
This course is a natural progression from the open water course and qualifies you to dive up to 30 meters. The course takes 2 days to complete and involves 5 dives including the Deep and Navigation core dives plus 3 others from the list seen above under adventure diver. Student must complete independent knowledge reviews for each dive and there are no final exams. The focus in this course is to teach the student how to be a better diver in terms of experience, ability and confidence.

Lotus Diving & Dive Resort - Koh PhaNgan

Specialty courses allow you to focus on one particular area of diving and increase your knowledge and confidence as a diver. We offer the following specialty courses:
• Deep Diver
• Search & Recovery
• Peak Performance Buoyancy
• Drift Diver
• Navigation
• Underwater Photography
• Night Diver
• Diver Propulsion Vehicle

Lotus Diving & Dive Resort - Koh PhaNgan

Emergency First Response
Learn how to handle emergency situations by completing this revised Medic First Aid course. This program is for divers and non-divers alike and takes half a day to complete. The focus of this course is CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), First Aid, plus shock management and spinal injury management.

Rescue Diver
Increase your confidence as a diver by developing rescue skills and how to manage dive emergencies. Course takes 3-4 days to complete and includes practicing rescue skills in various accident scenarios. Upon completion, you will be prepared to handle real life emergency situations.

Qualifications: Advanced Diver or higher.

Lotus Diving & Dive Resort - Koh PhaNgan

Nitrox Enriched Air
Take the first step into technical diving and increase your bottom time! NITROX stands for "Nitrogen Enriched Oxygen". This enriched air replaces some of the nitrogen you breathe underwater with oxygen, so that during a dive you absorb less nitrogen than you would when breathing normal air. This gives you longer no-decompression limits and you can dive longer than you could using air.

Master Scuba Diver
Achieve the highest ranking recreational diver level that PADI has to offer.
Prerequisites for certification are Advanced Open Water qualification with Rescue Diver Certification and 5 specialties, plus proof of 60 logged dives. All available through Lotus Diving.


Go Professional

Take the first step towards your dive career and become a PADI Divemaster. Through this program you will hone your dive skills, learn leadership skills, review dive theory and further knowledge development. Course length varies with each individual, contact us for details.

Assistant Instructor
PADI Assistant Instructor course is the first portion of the Instructor Development Course. This course takes 3-4 days to complete and students must have at least Divemaster qualification and must have been a certified diver for at least 6 months.

Lotus Diving & Dive Resort - Koh PhaNgan

Dive Trips

Lotus Dive Resort offers daily trips to the top dive sites in the area. We have TWO fully equipped dive boats each with an oxygen and first aid kit, GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) and an experienced Captain and Crew. We cruise at 11 knots, allowing us to reach the dive sites QUICKLY & SAFELY.
All tanks are filled with our own compressor located at the Dive Resort to assure quality air fills.

Join us on our next trip for a day of fun and adventure!! Snorkelers Welcome!!

All dive trips include the following:
• Pick up at bungalow or resort
• Full equipment
• Divemaster or Instructor as your guide
• Breakfast and lunch. Fresh fruits served after the dives.
• Tea, coffee, and water available all day
• SAFE dives and snorkeling and a day of fun

Lotus Diving & Dive Resort - Koh PhaNgan

Sail Rock : Enjoy two dives at this beautiful site. No two dives are alike due to the variety of sealife and rock formations to explore. Don't miss out on the "chimney", a vertical swimthrough favorite to local divers.

Shark Search!! : DON'T MISS OUT on our exciting SHARK SEARCH!!
This trip features one dive at each of the TOP 3 sites in the Southern Gulf! We begin the day at Sail Rock, then pass to Chumphon Pinnacle and onto Southwest Pinnacles returning to land around 5:30.

Marine Park : This trip features two dives at Koh Yippon at the Marine Park. We dive at both Yippon Yai and Yippon Noi with a minimum 60 minute surface interval and lunch break in between dives.

Lotus Diving & Dive Resort - Koh PhaNgan

Night Dive at Sail Rock : Our school is one of the only dive centers that offer the world famous Sail Rock as a night dive. The adventure begins with a sunset dive so we can check out the fish jostling for positions of cover before the night hunters arrive. This trip is for divers with AOW certification and/or proof of night diving experience.

Local Dives : Don't miss Koh Phangan's local dive sites of Koh Ma, Mae Haad, and Haad Yao located on the Northwest Coast. Boat dives and beach dives can be arranged daily.

Lotus Diving & Dive Resort - Koh PhaNgan

Koh Tao : During this trip, we visit Koh Tao's TOP dive sites, beginning with Southwest Pinnacles and then onto Shark Island.


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